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School 50th Anniversary Advertisement Design Competition2019-04-10
50th School Anniversary "Chuen Yuen Cup" Primary School Volleyball Invitation Competition2019-03-13
About 50th Anniversary School Journal2019-03-05
School 50th Anniversary talks given by the famed alumni (1/3/19, 6/5/19)2019-02-14
School 50th Anniversary Old Songs New Lyrics Competition2019-01-28
S6 SLP CD-ROM Guideline (2018-2019)2019-01-24
The Champion of School 50th Anniversary Logo Design2018-12-24
S6 External OLE Import Guideline (2018-2019)2018-11-17
S5 iPortfolio Userguide (2018-2019)2018-11-16
S4 iPortfolio Userguide (2018-2019)2018-11-15
S5 Parents' Seminar - Further Studies2018-07-10

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