S3 Physics remedial classes2019-04-2718158
S1 Swimming Lesson2019-04-2518152
Rope net taster programme2019-04-0818162
Easter Holidays and Miscellaneous2019-04-0318157
School Anniversary Drama Practice2019-03-2918161
S3 Physics remedial classes2019-03-2718158
S3 Physics remedial classes2019-03-2718158
S2 Swimming Lesson2019-03-2518153
Love Change Everything CCC Secondary Schools Joint School Concert 20192019-03-2218156
Saturday Mathematics Tutorial Class2019-03-1518150
Chinese Writing Enrichment Camp2019-03-1218149
Student Fellowship BBQ Activity2019-03-1218147
Summer School Uniform and Tracksuit2019-03-0618146
The 71st Music Festival-Church Music-Chinese- Secondary School Choir2019-03-0518141
HKCCCC Flag Selling Day 330(Donation)2019-03-0418142
Young Social Changemaker Camp 20192019-03-0318160