Student Grant(2019/20)2020-01-1419104
A notice from EDB2019-12-200
Christmas and New Year Holidays, Mock Examination and Miscellaneous2019-12-0419084
Christmas and New Year Holidays, Half-yearly Examination and Miscellaneous2019-12-0419083
Clean Campus and Class Suspension Notice2019-11-2119082
Prohibition on Face Covering Regulation2019-10-150
Adventure Day2019-10-0919043
Picnic day2019-10-0919037
SBA (S5)2019-10-0919034
2019-2020 1st test week2019-10-0919031
F.1 parents sharing2019-10-0919024
Extra-curricular Activities (Clubs and Societies)2019-09-1819023
MCED Service Learning (S.4)2019-09-1819019
The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China Council Sunday Donation Appeal for Donation2019-09-1819015
Parent Manager Election Notice (2019-20)2019-09-1819013