CCC Chuen Yuen College
Principal's Message

CCC Chuen Yuen College - Mr. Wong Wai Yiu (Principal)

 First of all, I would like to express my warmest welcome to all of you. Welcome back to school after a refreshing summer holidays. Today is the school commencement day, it marks a new beginning in your school lives. For S1 students, you are becoming anewmember of the CYC family and you are a secondary student now. For S6 students, it is your last year in your secondary school. New knowledge, new friends and new experiences are ahead ofyou and it will be a pleasure to explore. It isworth exciting for? Isn’t it? Yes, I believe that this year will be a more challenging and fruitful year to you. Let us cherish the challenges and enjoy being growing up.

Many of you must be very exciting to know who will be your form teacher, who will sit next to youand who will teach you.You musthave a lot to share with your good friends after the long summer holidays.Some of you may feel that the summer holiday is too short thatit ended so quicklyandyou are still in your holiday mood, right?

When you come to school, I demand you work hard and play hard. The important point is that you do your studies and development with all your strength deliberately. As you grow up, new challenges, new adventures and new learning will accompany you to enrichyou. You will find these new learning ortasks more interesting, more difficult and sometimes evenpainful. For example,the pressure of test andexamination is no longer far away. No matter how you feel it, I would like to ask you to face thesechallenges with courage and determination. Strive hard. Learn from everysuccess and failureas you go through these challenges. Take all joy, pressure and pain as a kind of learning. When you succeed, enjoy the pleasure moment and cherish your success. When you fail, don’t despair. Think out the reason of failure, do reflections, learn how to avoid similar mistakes in future, buildyour resilience and stay firm against depression. Do the task againandstrivetowards your goal. I believe that you will be able to cherish your success at the end of the day. Andyou will find your life more interesting and promising.

I hope everyone of youwill become success and find fulfillment in your lives.Firstly, I wish that all of you will have a betteraccomplishment academically. Although one should notbejudged by his academic results, a better result will always be an advantage for you to secure your goals in ahighly competitive society. Studying is a highly rewarding but tough game. Boys and girls, in particular the higher form students, start early to implement your studyingplan and work hard on the subjects you take in the examinations. The more effort you pay, the better the chance you can get a good grade in your examination.Apart from books, keep abreast of readings and have an interest in social issues. Know more about our society, our nation and our world. Broaden your scope of horizon and be a knowledgeable citizen. It can make you more compatible in the new era.

Secondly, I wish all of you to have a holistic growth. Learning can happen inside and outside classrooms, in form of texts or in form of activities. In the coming school year, we are celebrating the 50thanniversaryof the school.We will organizemany activities and each activity is by itself a learningopportunity for you. I urge you to join these activities.  Apart from getting relaxationamong your tight studying schedule, you can develop your interests, talents, leadership and social skills by participating in theseactivities. Very often, knowledge is learnt by doing.You do a tasksmart or do make mistakes, don’t mind, both can earn you unforgettable experiences.So, I hope that everyone of you will participate in at least one to two clubs oractivity groupsin this year. Enjoy the activities, work hard and play hard.

Having a good development in academic and in personal growthis good but not enough. It is our school motto that calls us “Learn to Discern and be perfect like God”. In the teachingsof Jesus, Love is the most importantone. I hope that all people in Chuen Yuen College have love in our hearts. Love yourself, love your schoolmates, love your teachers and love your school. With love, you will respect each other. With love, you can tolerate each other and you are willing to offer help andencouragement. With love, we will have no fighting or bullying in school, our lives in school must be morejoyful, moreharmonious and more contented. Our school will becomea place full of joyand we are a caring community. In fact, love is a passion in life. With passion, you are more eager to learn and to more eager to achieve, and you are more ready to overcome obstacles ahead. Boys and girls, let us build our school with love and passion.

To conclude, I hope that everyone of us are ready to face new challenges, learnhard and play hard, and to build a loving community in our school in the coming school year. I believe that God will bless usand be with us. Thank you.