I.      Purpose

  1. To nurture students' multiple interests which facilitate the development of the students' potential.
  2. To provide social experience which boost up the sense of belonging of our school.
  3. To direct the proper use of leisure-time which scaffold the positive value and attitude of living.
  4. To nurture the leadership abilities of student, develop the students' self-confidence and autonomy.
  5. To provide opportunities in running organisations such as the Student Union, clubs and societies, houses and class committees, which enriching the school life.

II.    Present Situation
A.        Strengths

  1. Members work in strong collaborative relationship.
  2. Students like to take part in extra-curricular activities.
  3. 3.  School supports the promotion of extra-curricular activities. Government funding from the School-based After-school Learning and Support Programmes benefit the students in need.
    B.        Weaknesses
  1. Students seldom propose innovative extra-curricular activities with suit their needs.
  2. Tests, tutorial classes, SBA and OLE activities compete for students after school. It leaves little room for regular meetings of clubs and societies.

III.   Objectives

  1. Implement the leadership training programmes and various committee member training schemes.
  2. Boost up positive attitudes through the Student Activities Broadcasting Centre (SABC), Culture Square and Student Work Display Boards.
  3. Facilitate students to plan and run various major school events.





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