CCC Chuen Yuen College
School Emblem

Chuen Yuen College was founded by the Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China. The design of its emblem is similar to those of the affiliated primary schools and secondary schools. The shield-shaped emblem looks simple and yet takes on rich Christian implications. It is divided into quarters; each consists of an image symbolising different meanings. The top left-hand quarter is an open Bible. One of the Christian creeds, Jesus is the Christ, is written on it in Greek. The top right-hand corner is a Nestorian cross with dots of flame on each cross bar. The cross represents Christians in the East. The bottom left-hand quarter is three capital letter Cs overlapping one another. It is the acronym of the Church of Christ in China. The last quarter is Chuen Yuen presented in traditional Chinese seal format. The base under the shield reads the English name of the school, Chuen Yuen College.