CCC Chuen Yuen College

School Goals

  1. Enable students to build a strong academic foundation, especially that of literacy and numeracy, so that they can master the ever-changing world of knowledge and enhance personal calibre.
  2. Help students develop the ability to think independently, rationally and creatively, enabling them to cope effectively with stress and the ever-changing world.
  3. Help students develop a zeal for in learning and a realization that learning is a life-long activity.
  4. Educate students to meet the needs of social development.
  5. Help students understand their roles and responsibilities as good citizens who work for the betterment of our society, our nation and the world. Being assiduous in studies, respectful to teachers and filial to parents, they are also ready to care and share.
  6. Help students become self-confident, self-disciplined and self-loving with a desire to pursue the truth.
  7. Help students develop a proper sense of morality and value judgement.
  8. Help students develop physical fitness and an appreciation of sportsmanship.
  9. Stimulate students’ interest and develop their potential in cultural and aesthetic aspects.
  10. Provide an appropriate environment in which students learn to live and work with mutual love and respect.
  11. Help students understand biblical truths, lead an abundant life and follow the love of Jesus Christ, and the Christian Spirit 'to serve and not to be served'.