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Teacher advisers of School Newsletters are delegated by school and the editorial board consists of committee members of Student Union and students of different forms. School Newsletter (文粹) has been published since 1987 and encountered a lots of difficulties, such as inexperienced editors and inconsistence in contents and formats. However, the editorial board had been worked hard to overcome all these difficulties and School Newsletters, one after one striving for perfection, were published. High Quality works of School Newsletters are therefore can be assured. Ultimate goal of the School Newsletter is to let our students possess a publication of their own. Students are able to have good understanding and communication with fellow students and teachers through the School Newsletter. Contents of the Newsletter include articles about students, happenings round the school, reflections, news concerning various activities and competitions. It also provides a forum or exhibition hall to demonstrate and displaced students’ good works. Main topics in each newsletter are arena of Student Union, current issues, teacher’s recommendations, articles around school & activities and Chuen Yuen open forum which is free to submit by students in English or Chinese. Information and data required by each issue of the newsletter is usually collected by interviews or questionnaires. Accurate analysis of data would then be made to provide concrete support of the argument made. Photographer, graphic designer and editors would try their best to design the layout of each page of the Newsletter and hoping that a prefect School Newsletter is published.

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Parents Bulletin (Download)

Parents Bulletin by Parent-Teacher Association will be published each term to promote affairs concerning Parents and events organized by the PTA and School.


School Magazine

School Magazine is published every five years.

  • 50th Anniversary
  • 45th Anniversary
  • 40th Anniversary
  • 35th Anniversary
  • 30th Anniversary
  • 25th Anniversary
  • 20th Anniversary