CCC Chuen Yuen College
Policy on Medium of Instruction

S1 – S3


Medium of Instruction

Basic Business and Accounting, Creative Technology, English Language, Geography, History, Integrated Science, Mathematics


Chinese Language, Chinese History, Life & Society, Music, Physical Education, Visual Arts




Other Learning Experience:
Moral & Civic Education, Religious Education


S4 – S6


Medium of Instruction



Core Subjects

English Language, Mathematics

Chinese Language, Citizenship and Social Development, Liberal Studies

Elective Subjects

Biology, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, History, Information and Communication Technology, Physics

Chinese History, Chinese Literature, Visual Arts

Other learning experience


Aesthetics Development, Moral & Civic Education, Religious Education, Physical Education

Our ultimate goal is to help our students to become proficient in both English and Chinese.

Enrichment measures to develop the maximum degree of functional competence in English Language:

  1. Small classes in English learning
  2. The employment of a native teacher (NET) to teach and organize learning activities within and outside the classroom
  3. English drama education to boost confidence in English learning
  4. Language Corner in the school

Activities to enhance students’ exposure to English:

  1. English writing classes
  2. Drama script writing class
  3. English magazine production class
  4. English story telling class
  5. English online reading schemes
  6. English Reading Pal Program
  7. Language Across Curriculum Reading Scheme
  8. Morning assembly sharing in English
  9. English movie viewing
  10. Participation in Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival
  11. On-line English learning programs
  12. Public speaking classes
  13. English debate teams

Activities to enhance students’ exposure to Chinese & Putonghua:

  1. Chinese Reading Scheme
  2. Chinese Writing Classes
  3. Participation in Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival
  4. Morning Assembly Sharing in Putonghua
  5. Putonghua Day